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Yes! a free legal source for downloadable music!

4154975790@mms.mycingular.com wrote:
>How do i get some music

This may not be what you were looking for, but it's an interesting 
find for legal, free downloads:


  It contains music that various musicians want to have available 
for free.  Yes, for free; I quote:

    * No piracy
    * No spyware
    * No viruses
    * No adverts
    * No peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing

Strictly speaking, I suppose the "no adverts" isn't quite true, 
because each piece of music has to be considered an advert for 
the musicians providing it.
  It also lets you rate the music, and, based on your ratings, 
gives you music that other people with similar tastes have liked.
Sometimes it gives you music that almost no one has rated -- 
otherwise new pieces will never get into the system.

I found it took several days of concentrated rating to get it to
music that was somewhat listenable.  It's now doing better than 
some -- but not all -- of the local radio stations.  And I get some 
real surprises -- the kind of stuff I don't get to hear at all 

It also requires Sun Java 1.4.2, and the Java WebStart that lets 
you run the applet outside the sand-box.  It stores the music 
and, I believe, ratings, on your hard disk.

-- hendrik

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