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Re: grub repair

"S. M. Ibrahim (Lavlu)" <smibrahim@gmail.com> wrote:

> last night, i made some changes on my partation (remove one primary
> partation, and make it as extended) so all the drive letter or address is
> changed. my debian was installed on /dev/sda6 and swap on /dev/sda5
> after the partation and reboot it's changed to /dev/sda7 and swap /dev/sda6
> . and i am getting the grub error 17
> i tried to resoter the grub by useing grub-install /dev/sda (booted with
> "linux resuce" of fc) and getting error on stage1 file .
> how can i install grub on debian partation (/dev/sda7)

Did you change menu.lst to match your new setup?

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