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Re: Etch and NSS with LDAP

On Tuesday, 03.10.2006 at 16:25 -0400, Grok Mogger wrote:

> Could someone knowledgeable please confirm or refute this for me?
> Since the libnss-ldap package has been removed from etch (as of Oct 1st), I
> absolutely cannot by any means manage all the normal linux logons for an
> etch box using LDAP.  Right?
> The only way I'll be able to do that, is either...
> A) Wait for the the libnss-ldap package to get fixed up and make its way
> back into etch.
> or

That's certainly one way.

> B) Download the source code and fix it up myself.

That should also work, although it may take a little more effort to make
sure that you do this The Debian Way, as regards interaction with the
rest of the system.

> Am I right about all that?
> Also, is there a correct term for these "normal linux logons"?  Does
> everyone even know what I mean by that...?  I'm referring to the accounts
> stored in your /etc/passwd file.

Except they're probably *not* stored in /etc/passwd if you've got them
in LDAP, no?

People know what you mean by "normal Linux logons", I guess: although
you are probably referring to 'ssh', is that right?

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