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Re: Problems installing BRUB with RAID5

Scott Lair wrote:
Damon L. Chesser wrote:
Damon L. Chesser wrote:
Chris Willard wrote:
Hi All,

I have a pc with 3x40GB IDE drives.

I have 2 RAID 5 devices setup-

/dev/md0 = 3 x 38GB as /
/dev/md1 = 3 x 2GB as SWAP

Debian base installs OK but when I get to the Grub installation I get a
"Fatal Error" message.

I am telling Grub to install on /dev/md0 but it won't install.

Any tips would be appreciated.




AFAIK, grub can only be set up on a raid0 or a raid1 device. So far, I can not document this, but I seem to recall that fact. As others said, you need to install grub on REAL devices. You can see www.damtek.com for a (I hope rather thorough) walk through on how to set up grub on a raid.

Just adding more info on the on the raid0 and raid1 and grub. I have just remembered where I got that info from. RHEL-4 will only let you select raid0 or raid1 for the /boot partition, or for / if /boot is not a separate partition during install. I suspect this is a RHEL issue and not a grub issue, but truly, I don't know. I just did not want to be putting out bad info, so I thought I would expand on why I thought only raid0 and raid1 would work for grub.

Since I can't find any documentation on the limits of raid and grub, I suspect you can run raid5. Anybody willing to confirm this for me?

Damon L. Chesser

My experience with raid5 was that grub cannot be installed on it. I had to setup grub on each drive in my mirror separatel. I ended up setting up
a small /boot then setting up grub on each disk in the mirror.  If I recall
correctly, grub was installed on /dev/hda only, so I ran setup on /dev/hdb etc...

just from my own experience, I'm no expert.

scott lair


Thanks for the reply, I obviously am no expert either. I know you have to manually set up grub on each HD on a raid0 and a raid1. My question is, is the limit of only raid0 or raid1 for /boot (assuming separate partitions) a function of the RHEL install process, or is it a limit in grub it's self? I know this is not a RHEL user list, but this is a grub question, since I can't seem to locate any documentation on grub and raid limits and I gave advise to the OP, thought I would have it confirmed or not.

Damon L. Chesser

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