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GNOME update and mouse cursor

Sven Arvidsson wrote:

Thanks for reply; the traffic here is so high I didn't notice it.

> > On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 20:40 +0400, Aleksej wrote:
>> > > In GNOME 2.8, it all worked fine, but in 2.14, GNOME began to
apply the
>> > > mouse settings to the tablet pen, so it's become left-handed (I
had to
>> > > guess the settings to make the buttons act correctly, because they've
>> > > just mixed up), and the mouse acceleration become applied to it, thus
>> > > rendering absolute positioning incorrect.
> >
> > GNOME 2.14 supports cursor themes and uses the industrial theme by
> > default. You can install other themes and change them from the Mouse
> > control panel in the Preferences.

Yes, I've installed a theme looking like Windows' 3D white (or
something, didn't configure Windows for a year).

> > I suggest you file a bug in the GNOME Bugzilla (control-center product,
> > mouse component) and describe your problems and use case. Maybe mouse
> > properties should be applied on a device basis.

I think I've made a comment in some bug about separate settings for
different mouse devices. Though their bugzilla doesn't look half as
active as the real one.

-- Aleksej

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