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Re: Timezone confusion

On 02.10.06 23:13, Thomas A. Anderson wrote:
> After re-locating to Peru I wanted to adjust the time zone of my debian box
> because all e-mails sent from root have a wrong time stamp.
> hwclock
> Mon 02 Oct 2006 11:11:29 PM PET  -0.847720 seconds

that's stores in your hardware clock, that's not system time.

> gives me the correct local time.
> date
> Mon Oct  2 16:12:09 PET 2006

> is wrong even though the timezone has been correctly set up with tzconfig
> tzconfig
> Your current time zone is set to America/Lima
> Why is date still showing a wrong time?

because you did not set system time. try hwcloch --hctosys

btw, do you have set UTC=yes in /etc/default/rcS? if so, maybe the hardware
clock is set to your local time, but system thinks that is is the UTC, so
adds the timezone difference to it.
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