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Re: Using XINE to play a DVD ISO Image?

>Mladen Adamovic <adamm@blic.net> wrote:

>>Scarletdown wrote:
>> Is there any way to possibly play a DVD ISO as if it was an 
>>actual physical DVD using XINE?  I can mount the ISO easy enough.  
>>For my test,

>I had the same problem - Xine didn't want to work with DVD ISOs or 
>copies of DVD to the local disk.
>So, you are not the only one...

I take it your dvd iso is in regular dvd format? You might want to 
try to play the vobs directly. What happens if you use xine 
somefile.vob will it play that way. 

If it doesn't do it that way, may I suggest Mplayer Yeah I know it's 
not dfsg free, and can be a hassle to setup and use at times. But 
it will do most things, if you read the documents that come with 

You also might want to check out some of the rippers, and other vob 
editors. usually once you have the vobs, the battle is half over 
but you might need more tools to do exactly what you want.


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