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Re: Swap

Gudjon I. Gudjonsson wrote:
Thanks for the information, it has been interesting but is it not possible to start on the current kernel and do swapoff and then change the swap partition and then swapon again? Or comment it out in fstab and then reboot?
Anyway, I have resized a swap partition some years ago that way.

Yes, that is another way to go. However, in the case where only one swap space is configured, I don't believe the kernel will allow it to be deactivated (I may be mis-remembering, or perhaps its the case in a UNIX SVR4 system?).

So, it may be safer to boot from a rescue CD and work from that environment, than to try to use swapoff on a single swap space used by the currently running kernel. And, if you're going to edit fstab and reboot anyway, why not just do it from the CD and avoid the fstab edit step altogether?

FYI, you should reply to the full list, not to a poster only, as others may be interested in the question and answer.

So, I'm sending this to the list, with a CC to you as a courtesy.


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