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Strange behaviour of keyboard and xorg


I have a new Dell Latitude D620 notebook (Intel Core 2 Duo, nVidia Quadro) and 
installed Debian on it. With the normal x.org-driver for nvidia (nv), I can't 
get the resolution of 1440x900 working. So I installed the drivers from 
nvidia. Compiling it was no problem at all, but I experience some really 
strange things - which are making the notebook unusable for normal usage.

*) Often, single keystrokes generate multiple inputs. Even changing the delay 
for keyboard repeat doesn't change anything. The problem occurs on the 
internal keyboard and on external ones (USB). If I switch back to the 
nv-driver, everything is okay with keyboard-input.

*) Sometimes it even happens that I can't make any keyboard input in X. I can 
switch to a virtual terminal (where I can make keyboard input), but when I 
switch back I have no keyboard again. The only solution: log out and in again 
(using the mouse...). This happens with both - nvidia and nv - drivers. So 
could it be X-server related?

*) Another strange thing happens with icons on my desktop: if I click on them, 
I can see the animation in very slow motion. It takes more than 10 seconds to 
open the link/folder. The same is if I click on a folder in konqueror. But if 
I open any application directly from the menu, it starts up right away.

*) Switching between X and virtual terminals takes very long (specially when 
switching back to X)

Does anyone have similar problems? What can I do to solve it (specially the 
multiple keyboard input and the X-problem)?

Thanks for any help,


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