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Re: diakonos package: description troll?

On Monday 02 October 2006 05:55, Mathias Brodala wrote:
> Hello Vincent.
> Vincent Lefevre, 02.10.2006 13:27:
> > In package diakonos:
> >
> >   Description: Customizable, usable console-based text editor
> >
> > Does that mean that some text editors distributed in Debian are not
> > usable?
> Why don’t you just read further:
> > Description: Customizable, usable console-based text editor
> >  an editor made it with the intention of being easier to configure and
> > use than emacs, more powerful than pico and nano, and not as cryptic as
> > vi or ex.

That still seems to imply that other editors are non-usable by default.  If 
the short description was "A customizable console-based text editor," that 
would be less inflammatory will still getting the point across.

Paul Johnson
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