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Re: Getting Linux and XP to cooperate on the BIOS clock settings

On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 07:42:18PM +0000, 46kmz5j02@sneakemail.com wrote:
> I have a dual-boot system, running XP Pro and Debian linux.  After 
> switching from sarge to etch, I kept seeing a message on linux boot 
> about "Superblock last write time is in the future.  Fix? yes".
> The boot proceeds normally after that, but I don't like inexplicable 
> error messages, so I did some searching on the net.  Apparently, it 
> had something to do with my bios clock being set to local time, rather 
> than UTC.  The recommended "fix" was to set the bios clock to UTC, 
> which I did.
> However, when running XP, my system clock will periodically reset itself 
> to the hardware clock, and the time jumps ahead four hours.  This causes 
> problems with some audio recording I do in XP, as the program I use is 
> set to start at a certain time, and to split the audio file every hour.
> I found some articles about an XP registry key called "RealTimeIsUniversal", 
> and I tried that, but it didn't help.  I disabled the Windows Time Service, 
> since I use a third-party application to synchronize my system clock to 
> 0.us.pool.ntp.org a few times per day, but something is still resetting 
> the system time to the bios clock every so often.
> Is there a way I can get these two operating systems to agree on how to 
> set a clock?

I told Windows to go with UTC.  Takes a while to get used to the
display (if I bother to look).  I don't care much about what Windows
displays anyway (I'm rarely there...).  I realize that this doesn't fit
others' needs, though.

Linux naturally is set to deal with the HWC set to UTC, which a while
ago was good considering some bug in libc, IIRC. (That's when I made
the jump form local to UTC.)

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