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Re: backing up a new laptop

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On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 03:18:14PM -0400, hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:
> My son just got himself a Lenovo thinkpad with wifi, ethernet, a tablet, 
> and Windows XP.  For reasons I will not go into here, he wants to make 
> sure his Windows XP system remains functional even though he prefers 
> Linux, and plans to dual-boot between Windows and Gentoo.  (I'm the 
> debian user, and this is of concern to me, so it's not *totally* 
> off-topic on Debian-user).
> There is no CD drive on this system (reduces the weight), but it 
> will boot from USB drives.
> He should be able to connect to my LAN, which has large NFS-accessible 
> storage.
> What he wants to do is make a complete backup of his hard disk (possibly 
> partition by partition) before he does anything to install any linux, 
> makes any real use of windows, and especially before he connects to the 
> net using Windows.  He's not stupid.  There is a Windows rescue 
> partition on the disk, but we're not naive enough to believe that it 
> will be unaffected by real trouble either.
> My question is:  what recommendations do you have as to appropriate 
> tools for this?  Presumably some kind of Linux live CD, but what 
> flavour,  and what software from the live CD.  We also have to be able 
> to restore from this backup when the entire machine is hosed, of course.
> If necessary, I can disconnect the entire LAN from the wider net while 
> we make this backup.
> There is 45G of free space on the hard disk, and the hard drive is said 
> to be 60G, whatever that means.  This suggests there is of the order of 
> 15G if actual information, split bwtween Windows and the rescue 
> partition.
personally i like partimage for doing backups of windows parttions...
the ntfs support is said to be experimental but for my expirience (at
home and at work) it seems to work fine...
just one thing: be shure to keep the version of partimage you used for
backup, they have in the past changed the image format in a incompatible
with partimage, you will only copy the used space and possibly even use
a compression (gzip or bzip2).

but: for the rescue partition: when the pc buisnes was still with ibm,
they would send you cd's with the rescue data so you can do the restore
from cds...just call the support


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