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Re: exim4: avoiding "retry time not reached for any host"

I don't understand you.

bug 32877 is about not being able to merge old and new configuration
files, and I don't think it would be smart thing to do across major
version upgrades.

And even then you allways have the option to keep the old file. Nothig
gets blindly overwritten.
And that goes only for major version updates. Minor security updates
go with no problem at all.
My exim4.conf.template survived at least one security update
unchanged, as it should.

exim4.conf.template is THE place where you confiure Exim4 on debian.

2006/10/2, Vincent Lefevre <vincent@vinc17.org>:
On 2006-10-02 14:56:52 +0200, Predrag Gavrilovic wrote:
> You should put them in /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template, under the
> section that begins with "begin retry".

But this file gets overwritten after an exim upgrade. So, until
bug 32877 (conffile merging) is fixed, this solution isn't very

I think something to put in /etc/default/exim4 would be better,
if possible.

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