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Re: Minimal X-Windows Setup

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 12:24:10PM -0400, Stephen Yorke wrote:
>> I am looking for a basic X-Windows setup...I have tried several things
>> but I am just not getting it.
>> Does anyone have some sort of package list which will get me a
>> BASIC/MINIMAL X setup.  Anytime I do anything with X-WINDOW-SERVER-* I
>> get tons of dependencies and I do not want them.
>> Mainly, I want an X setup which will allow me to view an X session log
>> in with GDM and have Fluxbox as my window manager.  Maybe I am going
>> about it all wrong but I know I am going through hell trying to figure
>> it out.
> You need at least x-window-system-core (if that is still the name of the
> metapackage).  If you choose xdm, that will be better than gdm (which
> will pull in quite a few GNOME libs.

Actually, x-window-system-core and x-window-system (in Sid & Etch) are
identical meta-packages that do nothing but Depend upon the xorg

The basic problem is that any sane installation of X should probably
include the xbase-clients package, which includes rather useful things
like startx and xauth scripts.  Unfortunately it also includes a whole
lot of junk that pulls in a lot of library dependencies.  But until this
package is split apart, I don't see any way around this problem.  See
for instance bug # 332521.

I guess one could at least skip a few dependencies (like imake) by not
installing the xorg metapackage, and installing only the following
minimal list of packages and their dependencies:

xserver-xorg xfonts-base xfonts-100dpi xbase-clients xkb-data xterm xdm

(As Roberto says, xdm will pull in fewer packages than gdm.  Choose
xfonts-75dpi and/or xfonts-scalable as well as or instead of
xfonts-100dpi if you wish.  You can try not installing xbase-clients,
but I don't know how well things will work.)

... and then uninstalling all the xserver-xorg-* packages except the
ones appropriate to his system.  Note, I haven't at all tested this
suggestion, so caveat emptor.


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