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Re: debian forum

Kamaraju Kusumanchi wrote:
> c) Cannot use vim to compose emails.

> If I am using a mailing list interface, I can use kmail to read my emails, and 
> vim to write replies. In forums I cannot do that. I am being restricted by 
> their st**id editor.

    Know what I can never wrap my brain around?  Ok, I go 'round and 'round
with people about mail clients vs. mua/mda/mta/filtering/etc and they always
toss out the old "It's the Unix way."  We're going on 20-30 flippin' years of
GUIs and so far I've heard of exactly two cases of embedded editors.  One was,
uh crap, forget the OS.  Oh, right, BeOS.  The other is KDE and vim.  You'd
think that if the unix and unix-like programmers were really getting into that
whole small parts mindset they'd make embedded editors the norm, not the
exception.  If it were browsers would just embed the user's editor choice and
this wouldn't be an issue.

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