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Re: [OT] Thank you for your email.

On 1-okt-2006, at 22:34, Damon L. Chesser wrote:

Damon L. Chesser wrote:
rick@visionefx.net wrote:
Thank you for your email.

Rick Vidallon
VISIONEFX website: http://www.visionefx.net
email:     rick@visionefx.net
mobile:  757.619.6456 office:  757.963.1787
instant messenger: msn:     rickvidallon@hotmail.com
aol:     rickvida

Errr, your welcomed?

Errr, should read:  "Err, you're Welcomed?"

No, it should read 'turn of your freakin' autoreply'.

Imagine you're one of his [future] customers, and you send him a request. Then you get this thank you note. Now don't you get that instantanious warm fuzzy feeling he's going to take good care of you? No, you don't since the guy's to freakin' lazy to read and reply to his mail in time.

And we're not even his customers.

Sorry, had to get this out of my system.


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