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bittorrent proxy

Is there a bittorrent proxy?  I'd like to put it on the machine on my 
LAN that is always on and has a huge disk.  The proxy would take 
requests from any user on my LAN and carry out the request for them.
This way, they wouldn't have to remain logged in themselves during the 
download, and could just turn their machines on when the download was 

Since my LAN is IP-masqueraded, it would also simplify the IP-forwarding 
that would otherwise be necessary to use bittorrent.  I can't I can't 
IP-forward to *all* the machines on my LAN, and taking turns gets to be 
a nuisance.  With a proxy, I'd just have to IP-forward to the proxy (or 
not, if it was the gateway machine).

-- hendrik

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