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Re: --root flag to apt-get (to install packages elsewhere) - possible?

Olafur Jens Sigurdsson wrote:
Þann 2006-10-01, 12:39:21 (+0200) skrifaði Tomasz Chmielewski:
I have another Debian system mounted in /mnt/system2.

Now, I'd like to install some new packages there, or upgrade the whole /mnt/system2 system.

How can I do it with apt-get?

dpkg has "--root" option, but unfortunately it's missing from apt-get.

Any ideas?

One idea is to run chroot (man chroot). Dont know if it will work
though, never tried it :-)

Should run, provided you correct some network settings (/etc/resolv.conf, mount /proc perhaps).

The problem is, my "host" computer is x86 arch, and /mnt/system2 is mips arch, so chroot won't work in that case.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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