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Re: Apache2 and Encoding?

On Sun, 1 Oct 2006 10:10:22 +0200
"Jan Johansson" <spamfilter2@mupp.net> wrote:

Hello Jan,

> But, I ran into a problem:
> I tried moving my wifes page over, and I get encoding problems. Below
> is a copy of the header.
> How can I make sense out of this?

This same problem has recently come up on another ML I subscribe to,
and it appears that some web servers, Apache included, simply ignore
any character encoding you set in the HTML and uses its own setting.

I've asked for clarification regarding which version(s) of Apache are
affected by this problem.  Whilst no real solution has been raised, a
workaround is to set your charset to that used by the server.
Understandably, that's not ideal.

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