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Re: Does WD driver support MaxMultSect=16, and is it safe for a mysql server?

> >afaik multsect is only suported when DMA is not in use. DMA speeds up
> >transfers much mode, so you should focus on it.

On 30.09.06 20:15, linuzboy wrote:
> But I found the message below in mysql manual >> optimization >> Disk Issues
> .............
> On Linux, you can get much more performance by using hdparm to
> configure your disk's interface. (Up to 100% under load is not
> uncommon.) The following hdparm options should be quite good for
> MySQL, and probably for many other applications:

don't play with DMA if your kernel doesn't support it. if it does, it
probably turned DMA on. 

> I know DMA is excellent, and multsect is also very impressive.

when I was solving this issue, it was told to me that multsect and 32bit I/O
do not matter if DMA is used.

> see http://linuxgazette.net/issue79/punk.html

it tells nothing about this issue...
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