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Re: matlab installation problems

roberto wrote:
> My problem with matlab installation is the following:
> 1. i try to install matlab7 r14
> 2. i follow all the steps indicated in the instal guide:
> mkdir /usr/local/matlab7 (=$MATLAB)
> cd matlab7
> 3. then i run the installer:
> /media/cdrom0/install* &
> 4. i choose as installation directory $MATLAB
> 5. i choose as symbolic links directory: /usr/local/bin
> 6. the installation proceeds well until the end
> 7. i try to start the license manager daemon:
> $MATLAB/etc/scripts/lmstart
> $MATLAB/etc/scripts/lmstart: line 686:
> /usr/local/matlab7/etc/scripts/util/setlmenv.sh: No such file or
> directory
> the problem here is with that "/util" dir which does not exist...
I don't have that directory in "scripts". The reason for its
non-existence could be that I'm not using LM.

> also similar problems arise if i try to start matlab:
> /usr/local/matlab7/bin/scripts/matlab
> /usr/local/matlab7/bin/scripts/matlab: line 796:
> /usr/local/matlab7/bin/bin/util/arch.sh: No such file or directory
> here the problem is with that extra "/bin" directory...

I don't have a bin directory in the parent bin directory.
~$ ls /usr/local/matlab7/bin/
engopts.sh  glnx86  matopts.sh     mcc     mexopts.sh   scripts
f90opts.sh  ldd     mbuild         mex     optsetup.sh  util
gccopts.sh  matlab  mbuildopts.sh  mexext  registry

> do you have any idea with this problem?
> distro: debian sarge 3.1
> kernel: 2.6.8
> thank you for any help

BTW, I'm using Debian Unstable here.
Linux gurh 2.6.17-2-686 #1 SMP Wed Sep 13 16:34:10 UTC 2006 i686 GNU/Linux

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