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Oracle Express Edition licensing (WAS: Re: Driver ODBC for Oracle)

Bruno Costacurta wrote:


I'm looking for a *free* ODBC driver for Oracle.
I googled and found some drivers (ie. Easysoft) but unfortunately they are commercial.
Thanks for any clue.
Note: I'm using Oracle Express Edition v10g which is kindly offered by Oracle.

I had not previously installed Oracle due to their licensing which basically said that you could develop a prototype, but then could not even use it for internal processing. The license for the Express Edition seems to avoid this problem:


License Rights
We grant you a nonexclusive, nontransferable limited license to use the programs for: (a) purposes of developing, prototyping and running your applications for your own internal data processing operations; (b) you may also distribute the programs with your applications; (c) you may use the programs to provide third party demonstrations and training; and d) you may copy and distribute the programs to your licensees provided that each such licensee agrees to the terms of this Agreement. You are not permitted to use the programs for any purpose other than as permitted under this Agreement. Program documentation is either shipped with the programs, or documentation may accessed online at http://www.oracle.com/technology/documentation.

Any use of the Oracle Database Express Edition is subject to the following limitations;

1. Express Edition is limited to a single instance on any server;
2. Express Edition may be installed on a multiple CPU server, but may only be executed on one processor in any server; 3. Express Edition may only be used to support up to 4GB of user data (not including Express Edition system data);
4. Express Edition may use up to 1 GB RAM of available memory.


I have no problems with only using a single instance on my box and I do not have multiple CPUs in the box, so that takes care of numbers 1 and 2, above. I will not have more than 4GB of data, so that takes care of number 3. I do have more than 1GB of RAM in my system (although never that much free). Doe the Express Edition limit itself to 1 GB, or do I need to do something to limit it, or how do I assure compliance with number 4?

Marc Shapiro

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