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Re: Parallel port access as non root user?

Ed Young wrote:
What I want to do is to execute the program as a normal user.

How can I do this?
How must I configure the system (/dev/lp0, /dev/parport0, /dev/port, /etc/group) to allow this program to access the parallel port? I want to do this to reduce the security issues related to running a program as root.

I would suggest you look at the 'libpam-devperm' package. Here's what the description says:

PAM module to change device ownership on login
This PAM module allows you to change device ownership and permissions
when a user logs in.

This is functionally equivalent with SunOS logindevperm(4).

I used this a while ago to setup ownership of devices for users who logged in to X (runlevel 5) using gdm.

Jose Alburquerque

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