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Re: sarge upgrade and preempt kernel

On Wednesday 20 September 2006 15:04, Albert Dengg wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 11:22:04PM +0100, David Mulcahy wrote:
> > Hello All
> >
> > Just did a sarge -> etch upgrade.
> >
> > Aptitude update , upgrade complained about libfam0 problems and stopped.
> >
> > apt-get worked.  Although I have in the passed disabled inet using the
> > documentation on securing debian howto and this seemed to cause problems
> > with the upgrade netbase-inetd stopped with errors and caused ppp,
> > pppconfig, cupsys  to fail to configure.  Installing openbsd-inet cured
> > that problem.
> >
> >
> > I had upgraded because I wanted a preemptive kernel just to find it isnt
> > preemptive.  Is there likely to be a preemptive kernel available when
> > etch is ready.  I know I can compile it myself, I just feel there is a
> > need for it to be ready and available out of the box straight from
> > install.  Obviously I will compile one myself but for newcomers they may
> > look elsewhere, which would be a shame.
> >
> > On my hardware a fully functional desktop is still a problem (eg music
> > and video) without a preemptive kernel so if debian is aiming at this
> > sector then a preempt kernel would be most welcome.
> Well
> i would feel that it may be good to have it as an _option_.

Yes that would be good.  Am i right in thinking that once preempt is set then 
all the other refining can be set on the fly with /proc/sys/etc settings.  Or 
can preempt be set with /proc?

> as far as i know preemtive kernels do enhance the response time of the
> system but on the other hand hurt performance for some server tasks....
> and debian is to my knowlege more widly spread on the server side then
> on the desktop side...

I understand that, (but they do provide desktop software) but if you are 
running debian on a server you probably know a bit about what you are doing 
and are probably prepared for a kernel compile.  On the otherhand desktop 
users want a responsive (music, video no skipping) system and probably dont 
know how to compile a kernel (however easy it can be).

> maybe file i whislist bug?

How do i do that?

> yours
> albert

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