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Re: How do I replace lilo with grub?

"Iuri Sampaio" <iuri.sampaio@gmail.com> writes:

> Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I guess you just need to install and it
> must overwrite lilo. 
> $grub-install
> An advice, you should always keep a copy of your boot loader system (GRUB)in
> another place else instead of mbr(master boot sector), a floppy is a good
> way.
> Joseph Smidt wrote:
>> I just installed Debian.  Grub failed to load but lilo worked.  Now
>> that everything is installed, how do I replace lilo with grub?

1. Which release of Debian did you install?  Where did you get the
installation CD?  

When the installation CD boots, press the F1 key for a HELP screen; at
the top of the screen is a line telling the release and CD build date.

2. Recent releases of Debian install GRUB; LILO is NOT installed. If
GRUB somehow fails to install or be configured properly, the system does
not boot, there is no "fall-back" to LILO.

3. You do NOT need a backup copy of the MBR (master boot RECORD).  If
the MBR becomes corrupted (such as by a subsequent installation of Window$), the
MBR can be restored by reinstalling GRUB. 

4. What you SHOULD do eventually is make yourself a GRUB Boot CD (or a
GRUB Boot Floppy) for diagnostic and emergency use.


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