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kernel/vesa video modes

I use the "vga=792" parameter at the end of the "kernel" line in grub,
so that the resolution is changed to 1024x768 at 24 bit.  I would like
to use 1280x960 at 24 bit instead, but haven't been able to find how to
anywhere.  All the tables I've found exclude 1280x960.  Does anyone know
what I need to use after "vga="?

Running Debian Etch on amd64


The best place to find the documentation on the video modes is in the kernel documentation. I normally get mine straight from kernel.org, but then I prefer to roll my own kernels, as I often find the default kernels troublesome for my situation. I'd imagine you can find it in the Debian kernel packages.
However you get them, look for the vesa and framebuffer (fb) text files under the Documentation directory of the kernel source code.

I think though, that modes above 1024x768 were not defined in the original VESA standard. Don't quote me though, I've been wrong before.

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