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Re: USB stick

Stephen McGregor writes:
I run 2.4.27 . All I did was add /dev/sda1 /usb vfat user,rw,group,auto 0 0 to /etc/fstab , and away I went.

The problem with that is, if anything else (such as a camera or whatever) gets plugged in ahead of it, it will no longer be /sda1 but become sdb1. Thus use of udev is a mechanism to fix it to a common point.

That was with a normal USB thumb "drive" (stick). I later got a 1.0 GB one - i forget the brand. No way can i get that to even appear in the /proc hierachy properly

Not sure what you mean here. When you plug it in to the usb port there must be some entry (even if it is an obscure set of numbers) to identify the device. Alternatively do lsusb -v
and see what you can see to locate the device.

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