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Re: Hardware dependant Static DHCP

On Monday 04 September 2006 13:32, Laurent CARON wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm basically trying to set-up the following thing.
> A DHCP server serving my computers on one range (say: -
>, and i'd like to give IP addresses in the range
> ( - to my IP phones (Polycom IP600).
> I already tried to get the vendor string by adding
> set vendor-string = option vendor-class-identifier;
> in the dhcpd.conf but without success (nothing useful appears in the
> leases file for that phone).
> Do you know a good way to achieve my goal ?
> Thanks
> Laurent
I also have a need for this.  I have a bunch of boards that I need
to feed a BOOTP like response to with a file to loaded as kernel,
but currently I have to give it a specific MAC address.  It would
be really useful to have an option in a DHCP server which allowed
a wildcard in the MAC address so that I could take all boards from
a particular series (typically a manufacturer) and send the same
file to any of them that I attach.  But I have yet to find a 
BOOTP or DHCP server which does this.  


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