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Re: Fwd: Debian unstable: xorg mouse configuration under vmware

Erich Steiger wrote:
> Does anybody know how to configure xorg from debian unstable under vmware.
> I'am not able to start X11 after upgrading from debian stable to unstable
> under vmware.
I vaguely recall having to install "mouse drivers" or "mouse support" or
something from _inside_ of VMWare, using their menus, after installing
an OS. But that's been several years ago that I used VMWare, and I could
be horribly misremembering.

I also vaguely recall that VMWare creates "virtual hardware", so that
even if you have a 3COM NIC in reality, it is presented in VMWare as
some other brand/model. Perhaps this is happening with your mouse /
mouseport within VMWare?

You can try "cat /dev/psaux" or "cat /dev/input/mice", etc, from within
a terminal in Debian Unstable inside VMWare; move the mouse; if you see
garbage on the screen, you now know which device file to use in your
xorg.conf file.


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