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Re: job scheduler for multi-core computers

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Jerome BENOIT wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
> Jerome BENOIT wrote:
>>>> Hello List,
>>>> does anyone know a simple (easy to install and to use) job scheduler
>>>> Debain package for multi-core computers ?
> As opposed to a job scheduler for *single*-core computers?
>> as on a small cluster (in practice a two cluster)

Umm, hmm?  I'm still confused as to the significance of "multi-core".

Why can't you use the same job scheduler that ran/runs on your cluster?

If that kind of JS is more focused on the needs of Beowulf-style
clusters, and you need something general purpose, I don't think that
you'll find any FOSS schedulers that are maintained or complete.

Sadly, most people in "the community" can not contemplate a need for
anything more complex than cron.

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