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Re: Switching Crontab Files Via At

martin f krafft writes:
> If you can ensure that there are no syntax errors in the file you
> install manually, then yes, it should be safe. The reason why this
> note is there is because crontab does syntax checks on the
> user-submitted file.

	Great!  Thanks.  To ask if I can insure there are no
syntax errors is a tall order, but actually, in this case, it
involved commenting out a couple of lines that normally run and
uncommenting a couple that are there for vacation mode and
normally just take up space in the file.

	That does give me another idea, though.  You could use
crontab -e to proof the changes, save that file and then crontab
-e again to put things back the way they were until you are ready
for at to do its work.  Again, thank you.

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