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Re: Using cups remotely?

On Tuesday 29 August 2006 21:07, Bruno Buys wrote:
> I have two networked sarge machines. One is printing successfully via
> cups to a paralel hp printer. How do I set up the other machine to use
> this one remotely, preferably as default?
> Links/howtos/threads also accepted :)

If you set up cups on both machines, they should talk to each other and 
discover what printers are available.  I used to have a debian sarge box 
(just recently upgraded to etch) with a printer on it, and a debian unstable 
workstation running kde.  It just sees the other printer.  

I have also told the main cupsys on the (ex) sarge box to also recognise a 
windows printer which has been "shared" by my wife on here windows computer.  
SO my workstation can also print to that .

Get started here http://excess.org/docs/linux_windows_printing.html

Alan Chandler

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