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Re: Wrong font in OOo menu

On Fri, Aug 25, 2006 at 18:15:49 +0200, Peter Holm wrote:
> Using Debian Etch and updating via aptitude 3 times a week.
> Since I updated OO to 2.0.3-2 a month or so ago, I can not use OO without 
> considerable headache. I had and have installed the English version and 
> everything went fine before. But now it's a mess. 
> EVERYTHING (litterally) that OO _itself_ shows me is in Greek characters, 
> the menu, the help, the buttons... whatsoever. But the underlying language 
> is _English_! As I still know from school the Greek alphabet I can read 
> with considerable effort what is shown to me, but this is not as it should 
> be I think.
> Well, I tried everything to find what I possibly had done wrong, some 10 
> times completely purging (all via aptitude of course) OO and reinstalling 
> it, carefully looking if no dependencies were unfullfilled, nothing helped 
> me out of the misery.
> Why I did not ask for help earlier? 
> The strange thing is, that when I use OO as _root_ everything is fine, only 
> as _user_ I fall into the garbage. So, I thought, the fault lies with me. 
> Especially because I also could not discover a bug-report on this matter 
> still. But now I am almost desperate, where should I still look?
> Thanks for your tips and hints.

Check if a newly-created user has the same problem. If not then your
regular user's ~/.openoffice.org2 directory has become corrupted. You
can move it out of the way and it will be restored from a template the
next time you start OpenOffice. (You will of course lose all your custom


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