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Re: Hey, Steve! (WAS: Re: Pumping Gas in Oregon)

On Thursday 24 August 2006 05:06, Nate Bargmann wrote:

> With illegal immigration and with attempts to allow illegal immigrants
> to vote, this trend may well be reversing.

It may be, but as far as I am concerned they're not people.  They become 
people again around the time they go back to where they are a legal resident 
or citizen and live within the system again.  "But they walked hundreds of 
miles through the desert to take jobs that nobody else would!"  So they had a 
nice hike.  Deport them; the homeless guy by the freeway onramp with the WILL 
WORK FOR FOOD sign that is here legally needs their job more that they do.

That segment doesn't matter as far as I'm concerned.  If you want to move to 
another country, do it legally or don't expect basic human rights as defined 
by the local jurisdiction.  God knows it's hard enough to move between 
countries without people screwing everyone over by doing it illegally.

> For all the bellyaching that goes on about the EC, it will never be
> eliminated because it effectively prevents a third party candidate from
> being elected president.  The bellyaching that comes from the losing
> party is quite amusing as it is really just pandering to their base.

That paragraph contradicts itself because the second sentence assumes third 
parties don't exist, whereas in the EC, it doesn't matter how many votes 
third parties get, the EC won't vote for them.  They haven't voted for a 
third party since last time we had a Whig president.  Yeah, remember the Whig 
party?  Not me, unless you count US History...

> As an aside, if anyone thinks our current day campaigns and elections
> are nasty, one need look no further than the 19th century when they
> really got after each other!  Back then when people said something
> stupid, people laughed, now you are required to resign, etc.  Case in
> point, Greg Gumble has apparently been tapped to do play-by-play for
> NFL Network games starting on Thanksgiving (US) evening.  Well, he was
> speaking somewhere recently and made some stupid comment.  Last I heard
> the NFL Network is reconsidering his contract.  Have we gotten so
> sensitive that stupid remarks can't just be laughed off anymore?

Conservatives complain about political correctness, then someone says 
something politically incorrect, and before you know it, that person's nailed 
to a cross.  So much for freedom of speech, eh?

Paul Johnson
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