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Re: Hey, Steve! (WAS: Re: Pumping Gas in Oregon)

On Wednesday 23 August 2006 21:18, Steve Lamb wrote:
> Paul Johnson wrote:
> > That's not true.  The UN has a similarly negative view of our electoral
> > college.
>     So?  Any non-elected group which caters to terrorism, has been proven
> corrupt time and again and is against free speech is a group I should care
> about how exactly?

Wait, which are you referring to, the US or the UN?  It's not clear, they both 

> > with leftover Joe McCarthy sympathizers that can't distinguish political
> > models from economic ones).
>     Really, there is no difference when you get down to it.

Sure there is.  Socialism allows for different political models, and in 
practice, the most popular being the British parliamentary system.  Communism 
doesn't, but that's because communism in it's basest form demands a mutually 
cooperative anarchy, which I don't think anybody kids themselves into 
believing that can work on anything larger than an apple commune.

> > By the way, contrary to the tone of your post, not all those who do not
> > agree with your (extremely narrow) worldview are wrong.
>     True, but in your case, that's valid.  Same back at'cha.  I've proven
> you wrong several times now.


Paul Johnson
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