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this is plain weird - very slow access for non-microsoft browsers


In the office here we have an XP laptop, MAC with OSX and my main Debian

This is on a static IP address which is connected to via two Netgear

The DG632 connects to the ADSL.

An FVS318 which acts as a main VPN/firewall router which connects to the
DG632 - and the LAN connects to the LAN ports on the FVS318.

Everything works fine  - except the browsers on the MAC and the Linux box
are not getting some sites.


The browsers on the Win XP laptop work fine - no speed problems at all - but
all sites accessed via the Mac or Linux browsers are slow or will timeout.

The routers did have firmware upgrade but I've swapped them out for other
Netgear routers and the same problem is there.

Anyway, surely a formware upgrade would not effectively filter out non-MS
broswer traffic surely?

Any clues greatfully received,


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