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Re: external hard-disk enclosure advice?

On 2006-08-06 @ 09:27:48 (week 31) Miles Bader wrote:

> Hi, I'm looking for advice on buying a new hard-drive / external
> hard-drive enclosure:


Hi Miles,

I recently bought such a beast for backup purposes. I choose an Icy Box
IB-360-BL. This is an external closure for 3.5" IDE/SATA disks and
features both USB and Firewire interfaces. The disk itself I had to buy
separately, but that was exactly what I wanted. 

Pros: I can change disks whenever I want without bringing down the
system and now I have a very flexible storage solution. Moreso because I
have an USB network adapter, making it possible to turn the whole thing
into a stand-alone network storage solution.

Con: those irritating blue LEDs that are way too bright.


Grx HdV

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