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Re: which locale

Actually I have no filename problems when I mount NTFS/VFAT
partitions. But I can NOT properly display some .torrent files which I
downloaded from the Internet. It may use non-utf8 codes such as
gb18030 or gb2812 code.
Can't Unicode handles non-Unicode filenames?

On 8/13/06, Mathias Brodala <info@noctus.net> wrote:
Hello Wei Hu.

> Which locale should I use? I am using en_US.utf8 as the default
> locale. but when I do $ls to display non-English file name or
> directory. I get something like ???????? ((invalid Unicode).

That's odd. I encountered no problems when I switched to *.UTF-8 myself. All filenames
kept working.

Where do these problems occur? Did you mount a device not encoded with UTF–8? I did when I
mounted my NTFS partitions. Using the „nls" option for mounting made everything allright

Regards, Mathias

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