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Re: clamav upgrade issues

On 2006-08-10, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
> On 09.08.06 16:21, Mertens Bram wrote:
> > apt-get dist-upgrade removed clamav and holds back libclamav1.  The
> > latter is held back because libgmp3 is not installable.  libgmp3 is
> > not installable because it is being replaced by libgmpxx3 libgmp3c2
> > libgmp3-doc.  I upgraded these to the latest version but still
> > libclamav1 can not be installed.
> Maybe it's just a problem of current packages configuration in testing.
> Do you have other sources than testing?
Some: marillat and debian-volatile

> > On another system I have libgmp3 installed and clamav and libclamav1
> > installed without problems.  apt-get dist-upgrade does not suggest
> > removing either of theses packages unless I install libgmp3c2.
> testing, too? did you apt-get update at the same time?

Yes, all my systems are running debian testing.  libgmp3 has been
installed on this system a while ago, I can't remember how long ago.
But I did run apt-get update on all systems yesterday.

All these systems use the same apt-proxy (now) so the apt-setup should
be identical.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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