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Cyrus - Spamassassin - Postfix integration

I dont know who to ask about this but I am trying to find the best way to integrate Cyrus, Spamassassin, and Postfix so that I can get mail delivered and scanned for spam with user preferences enabled.

I used to use procmail as the connection between spamassassin and Cyrus but I found that using cyrdeliver with the procmail script was VERY slow.

I then began to use Amavis but found that it uses Mail::Spamassassin python module and I cant use user prefs (ie. spamassassin attribute in ldap).

I then reprogrammed it so that Amavis only does virus detection and postfix does spam detection through the spamfilter script listed at http://onetforum.com/fourm/viewtopic.php?p=27 which is referenced from Spamassassin's website.  With this config, user prefs would not be used until I set the spamfilter script to pick up the $user variable and connect to spamc with the -u option, but when mail is sent to multiple users it errors out.

So now I am back to square 2 or so, I have Amavis checking for Viruses and I dont know what is going on with spam filtering.

On a side note, I have sa-learn checking imap folders for spam it did not detect and mail it detected as spam and with these new ways of using Spamassassin I dont know if the database sa-learn creates is even being used.

So with all of this testing being done, what have you found to be the best way to get these products working together nicely?  TIA


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