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Can't install debian on my and ststem

Hi I bought the debian bible sarge 3.1
I have a AMD x2 3800 socket 939 CPU
Asus a8n-e socket 939 motherboard
A sata2 hard drive
I try to install linux debian 3.1 from the boot cd
It fails all the time the dvd and cd that came with the book all say Intel x86+ on the disc
Have I the wrong version of dvds/cds  
I am an IT student and we are learning to use it  so I went out and bought this book as I am interested in this sort of operating system
An dit does not want to install any of the files  it gets to where it wants to partition the drive and locks up I have tried this many times to see if I had stuffed up but it still keeps doing it.
Is it just me or in my opinion it is not compatible with my system.
thanks for your time
dan connors
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