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Re: multiple cddb matches for abcde (a better cd encoder)

Hank The Tank Winky Poo wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone could assist me with abcde. When I run:
> 	abcde -v -o flac
> after inserting a disc (in this case the blade runner soundtrack), abcde
> comes back with multiple matches from cddb/freedb. The program then does
> *not* allow me to choose the correct match I want (it does not accept
> any inputs). This only happens when the number of matches exceeds the
> height of the terminal window. When it returns say, 2 matches (as for
> best of the black crowes) and the height of the terminal window is not
> exceeded, I can just enter 1 or 2 and hit return to continue. The same
> happens whether or not I use the [-v] verbose flag above.

abcde is displaying the matches in a pager. You have to exit the pager
before you can tell it what you want. How to exit it depends on what
your default pager is..

see shy jo

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