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Re: rsync, ssh, scp: How to send via eth1 or higher ?

On 28.07.06 14:14, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> is there any way, to send files over a device greater than eth0 ?

yes there it.

> If eth0 is online, ssh, scp and rsync always wants to send over eth0. In
> the manpages I found no way to change it.

they do not explicitly push data over eth0. They push the data according to
how the host is configured and routing table says.

> (Background: I have wired cable on eth0 and wireless on eth1. You might 
> say: "Just change it !" But as I work on different places, then I have 
> continously to change. What a mess....)

Do you connect to the same network by both interfaces?
Do you run ifplugd for eth0/eth1? or something similar?

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