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Re: Can't access usb port

On 27.07.06 16:00, R A L Carter wrote:
> Before migrating from Mandriva 2006 to Debian 3.1 r2 I  copied everything
> on /home/robin to an external hard drive which connects to my PC through a
> usb port.  I had planned to copy it back to my hdd after the Debian
> install was complete.
> I now have Debian installed but it doesn't recognize my usb port.  I have
> tried to find it using konqueror and from a terminal as su without
> success. I have also installed discover but this didn't help.

Do you have hotplug installed? It should automatically load modules for USB.
Do you use 2.6 kernel? It should support nest 2 features.
Do you have udev installed? it should automatically create devices for
connected hardware.
Do you have usbmount installed? It should automatically mount connected USB

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