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Re: best pactice - apache, rewrite, ssl, virtualhost or .htaccess

On Mon, July 31, 2006 19:43, Casey T. Deccio said:
> On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 14:41 +0200, Ernst-Magne Vindal wrote:
>> I have tryed to redir with .htaccess file and by config virtualhosts. Both
>> seams
>> to work ok, but will be happy for some comments for best practice.
> According to:
> http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/howto/htaccess.html#when
> <quote>
> .htaccess files should be used in a case where the content providers
> need to make configuration changes to the server on a per-directory
> basis, but do not have root access on the server system. In the event
> that the server administrator is not willing to make frequent
> configuration changes, it might be desirable to permit individual users
> to make these changes in .htaccess files for themselves. This is
> particularly true, for example, in cases where ISPs are hosting multiple
> user sites on a single machine, and want their users to be able to alter
> their configuration.
> However, in general, use of .htaccess files should be avoided when
> possible. Any configuration that you would consider putting in
> a .htaccess file, can just as effectively be made in a <Directory>
> section in your main server configuration file.
> </quote>
> Casey
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Thanks all, tryed all but no go yet....
That is redirect is ofcause OK, its just the rewrite of url I can't get to
work...anyhow, googleing on

and using <Directory> section:)


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