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Etch doesn't see an usb camera

Hi all,
anyone experienced this problem?

Using Etch and a Canon s1 is (ptp prtotcol?) I am not able to access the
photo in the camera.

The camera is correctly detected as an usb device.
When I connect the camera a popup window (I'm using KDE) asks If I want
to open the camera as a folder or with digikam.
Digikam is not able to autodetect the camera. Forcing the model (tried
normal protocol and ptp) the progam says: "cannot access the mamera":
Trying to open the camera with Konqueror I see a page with the address
"media:/camera" containing a folder called "camera"; clicking on the
folder I see the same page but with the address "media:/camera/camera"
(a new /camera for every click).

Any hint?



Mirto Silvio Busico 		ICT Consultant
Tel. +39 333 4562651

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