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SMBFS package vs kernel modules?

Hi list

I have a question about the smbclient package. What
does it provide that isn't provided by SMB FS support
in the kernel?

I currently run a kernel and am about to
build myself a kernel from kernel.org (using
make-kpkg). I plan shortly to buy myself some NAS and
use it with both Debian and WinXP. I'm assuming at
this point that I'll be buying a NAS solution that
uses SMB. 

Everything else other than the kernel on my system is
from the sarge distribution. I may go to testing in
the near future but haven't decided to.

My question is this: given that the recent kernels
have SMB FS support available in them, what is the
purpose of the Debian smbfs package? Is this a
question of distro-clash ie is this something that
used to be needed but isn't needed on the most
up-to-the-minute kernels? Or is smbfs providing
something that the kernel doesn't?



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