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Re: Debian doesn't detect my DVD-Burner on my new Laptop

Robert Jeffrey Miesen wrote:
> Hi all.
> I recently had the misfortune of having to replace my old laptop because
> the costs of repairing it were too great to warrent it and purchased a
> new Toshiba A105-S4074. Everything works well with one
> exception---debian doesn't detect my DVD-Burner. I tried using
> 'discover' 'lshw', 'report_hw' and none of them even detect my DVD-Burner.
> I'm not sure why this is, since I test-ran Knoppix v4 on the floor model
> before I purchased the new laptop and it ran fine, reading from the
> DVD-Burner with no problems. I also was able to run moodle off my
> DVD-Burner. However, when I tried to run disk 1 of the Debian v3.1
> "etch" DVD set, it could start up the installer, but the installer could
> not detect my DVD-Burner. The same holds true for my installed copy of
> Debian.
> Can anyone shed some light onto what might be causing this annoying
> situation and how I might fix it? The DVD-Burner in question is what
> Toshiba calls a "DL DVD SuperMulti" and I am running linux
> v2.6.16-2-686-smp. Thanks in advance.
Hi Robert,
try to install debian using a kernel 2.6. This way, the installer will
detect more drivers that are only available in 2.6 series. Most likely,
the knoppix live cd booted with a 2.6 kernel and therefore it detected
the dvd drive.
Put your etch cd 1 in place, reboot the laptop and in the prompt,
instead of pressing Enter or writing linux, write linux26.

I think you can press F3 to get help if needed.

Something similar happened to me with a SATA disk when I installed with
the default 2.4 kernel, but with 2.6 kernel, all went ok.

Miguel Cobá

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