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Re: Step-by-step package guide?

On Thursday 27 July 2006 13:40, Matej Cepl wrote:
> Paul Johnson wrote:
> > I've looked through the Debian reference as mentioned elsethread and
> > discovered dh-make, but I'm having some difficulty understanding how
> > dh_make
> > works from the dh_make manpage.  Is there any step-by-step guide to doing
> > this?
> Unpack the original tarball. Then if you are creating single binary package
> do this
> dh_make -f ../<original-tarball>.tar.gz -e <your-email> \
>         -c [gpl|bsd|artistic|lgpl] -s
> What's so difficult?

That it wasn't this clear in the dh_make manpage.  :o)  Thanks for the update, 
I'll give it a shot shortly.

Paul Johnson
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