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Re: Installation problem - Asus A8N mobo

Stephen Liu wrote:
Hi Patrick,

Tks for your advice.


When I installed on a Asus A8N mobo I had to install the onboard ethernet drivers from the cd that came with the board.

I found it on the CD coming with Asus A8N modo.

Under Drivers/Chipset/Drivers/64bit/VM/Ethernet/NDIS/MCP51/nvpxes.nic

I think it is the driver which I need.  On that PC I have another SATA
HD running FC5_64.  The driver for onboard LAN is "nVidia Corporation
MCP51 Ethernet Controller".

But I have no idea how to install it.  What command shall I run to
start pppoe configuration?

# pppoeconf
did not work on this "test" version.



It's been a year since I did this, but isn't it a bootable cd?

Patrick Rittich

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